Woman finds human finger in restaurant bought the burger

A woman found a human finger in the burger she ordered when she bit into the meal.

The woman named Estefany Benitez said she visited a fast-food chain in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and asked for a burger. Ms. Benitez told local media that she unexpectedly felt something hard in her mouth after taking a few bites. When she spat it out, she realized to her dismay that it was a “rotten” human finger.

She reported the incident to local police, who confirmed that the foreign object was a “rotten” finger. The hamburger restaurant was temporarily closed while the case was investigated.

Authorities investigating the case of a “rotten” human finger found in a hamburger say a worker at the factory where the hamburger was made lost two fingers in an accident at work. They could not see the fingers. One has now been found in the burger, but they still cannot trace the second finger.

The investigation revealed that the burger factory worker had his hand stuck in a meat grinder the previous Friday. “Everything indicates that the worker who used this meat grinder may have lost two fingers,” said Jorge Silva, Bolivian deputy minister of consumer defense. “One of them would have appeared investigationburger an everything’s know what happened to the other.”

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