The US on high alert over the invasion of killer hornets

While the whole world is still fighting the Covid-19 virus, the United States recently declared war on a new Asian enemy of a different kind, “slightly” more visible than the coronavirus but equally dangerous. Indeed, for several days, the United States has been on high alert because of the invasion of hazardous giant killer insects.


So what is this insect that threatens the world’s most significant power? How dangerous is it for humans? Is the situation in the United States critical at the moment? Today we will tell you all about the one who currently represents the new enemy of the Americans! Let’s go! Please make yourself comfortable and forget everything happening in the rest of the world right now, because today we are going to the United States.


The United States is on high alert!


It is a real tragedy that befalls the United States of America! While they barely manage to get their heads out of the water and fight the current pandemic as best they can, an invasion of giant killer hornets deadly to humans takes them by surprise and has recently aroused a lot of attention. Worry.

A situation that looks like it came straight out of Hollywood studios, but which is unfortunately very real!

According to an article in the American daily “New York Times” published on May 2, 2020, the United States is now threatened by “Vespa mandarinia,” more commonly known as the giant Asian hornets.

Disturbing evidence.

Indeed, two specimens were first spotted in Washington State in August and then in November 2019. This find raises fears of a rapid invasion in the United States but also throughout North America. A beekeeper also testified to the disaster that was operated on his farm.

One day he found thousands of bees lying on the ground, all piled on top of each other and beheaded. A carnage that looks very much like the murderous style of the giant Asian hornets. A nest of Vespa mandarinia has even been found near the Canadian border.

And if this appearance is so disturbing, it is for several reasons. The main one is that these insects have a deadly venom that kills around 50 people in Japan each year.

But who is this insect that threatens one of the world’s most significant powers?

Invasion of killer hornetsthe United States
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