After having his nose removed, the “human Satan” cuts off two of his fingers

Fans of extreme body modification have many surprises in store for us. And this time, it is around Michel Faro do Prado, 44 years old, who calls himself the human Satan to make people talk about him.

After having had his nose removed, Michel has just cut off two of his fingers. A terrifying operation that the man proudly exposed on social networks.

The “human Satan” cuts off two of his fingers


Michel Faro do Prado; a Brazilian tattoo artist has taken a new step in extreme body modification procedures. After removing his nose, the “human Satan” did the incredible thing: sever two of his fingers.

But the most shocking thing is that the Brazilian is very proud of his achievement. Indeed, he was quick to share photos of his transformation on Instagram. On these, we can see Michel without the ring finger of his left hand and the middle finger of his right hand.


A real fan of body modifications.

Let’s face it; the word gore seems to be a euphemism for such an act! But this is without knowing the passion of Michel Faro does Prado for extreme modifications.


Several tattoos and piercings

The man, who claims to be the third person in the world to have his nose cut off after the legendary Black Alien, has several skull implants, personalized teeth, and dozens of piercings and tattoos.

In detail, the human Satan has four horns on either side of his head and several implants under the skin of his forehead. In addition, he tattooed a significant part of his body, including his eyeballs.


Strong resistance to pain to make the changes.

This impressive number of procedures Michel was able to perform because of his resistance to pain. “I have good resistance to pain. I don’t think it’s that painful; I’m in a lot more pain in the post process than right now, ”said human Satan.

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