Sophia Cheung, an influencer who died because of a selfie

Sophia Cheung, a famous influencer in Hong Kong, has died while taking a selfie at the edge of a waterfall.
Known for her extreme photos shared on her Instagram account, she wanted to impress her fans with a dangerous selfie. But it was far from a good idea!


Young blogger Sophia Cheung, 32, from Hong Kong, was on a vacation trip with three of her friends in Ha Pak Lai Park. A wilderness area located near the town of Yuen Long (Hong Kong).

On Saturday, July 10, when everything was going well and the group was enjoying the trip; the influencer decided to take some photos at the edge of a waterfall called Pineapple Mountain. It is a place which has become very popular with tourists because it offers spectacular sunset views.

The blogger then climbed to the top of Qing Dai Falls to take a selfie from a beautiful angle. But at one point, Sophia lost her balance and fell.

The shocked friends immediately called the rescuers, who rushed Sophia to the hospital. Unfortunately, upon their arrival, she was declared deceased.

“Life should be fun, not stupid,” was Sophia Cheung’s philosophy.

Sophia Cheung has already taken several dangerous selfies

Sophia shared photos of extreme hikes and risky adventures climbing cliffs and mountain peaks with her followers. His passions were hiking, kayaking, exploring, outdoor activities, and photography.

The blogger shared her last post on her profile on July 8. In her post, we can see her by the sea with a surfboard:


Several followers have since traveled to this place to leave farewell words for the influencer who lost her life for a selfie.

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