Mercato / Here’s what Barça plans for Lionel Messi

The Messi case is of great concern to Catalan club FC Barcelona. Indeed, the signing of the Barcelona star is late for substantive issues. Thus according to some media, the Blaugrana should shift into third gear on the transfer market.

Sell ​​players who are expensive for the club and buy or recover fewer heavyweights and whose financial fair play could extend the lease of Argentine captain Lionel Messi. This emerging scenario has led the Catalan club to certain English clubs known for their financial strength, thanks mainly to income for significant TV rights.

Last year’s third La Liga leaders are said to contact Wolverhampton, where reference has been made with a certain Martin Braithwaite (30). The Danish maker of a fabulous euro could be sent across the Channel.

Antoine Griezmann would be the big loser of the Barcelona maneuver. The French striker is considered undesirable after two sluggish seasons. He is therefore approached to leave the Catalan house because of his colossal salary. Barcelona leaders continue to reflect. The goal-slashed the squad and sign Lionel Messi.

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