Photo Kim Kardashian: the contouring star dares the No Makeup trend

The new trend this season is natural. Make-up gradually disappears: the eyebrows become more realistic, and the lips acquire natural shades. In short, simplicity reigns!

Always on the lookout for the latest trends, the pretty Kim Kardashian is no exception to the rule. Exit the contouring; now Kim Kardashian is showing natural!

There is no doubt that Kim Kardashian’s makeup look has become fashionable in recent years. It revolutionized our vision of soft glam. Although she regularly wears heavy and very full makeup, she makes it look effortless by using all the nude tones.


But this year, the natural trend took hold, and the stars couldn’t afford to sit on the sidelines. More and more often, they exhibit their photos and videos, in which they supposedly pose in a completely natural way without a drop of makeup. And even Kim Kardashian decided to stop practicing!

We must admit that Kim Kardashian is a reference in makeup. But a photo shared on Instagram made us discover Kim Kardashian naturally. And here it is:

Hair in the wind, dark circles, and puffy nose, we are far from the smooth and ultra-sophisticated photos that the star usually shares. But of course, a small important detail, it does not fail to let us glimpse its forms because otherwise … it would not be Kim Kardashian!

Why is the No Makeup trend appealing to celebrities?

At awards ceremonies or under hashtags like #nomakeup, celebrities show that they are not perfect, even if some are very close.

Among the early adopters was Alicia Keys, who stopped applying makeup because she no longer wants to hide the authentic look of her face.

Alicia said in an interview: “My life revolved around what other people thought of me; I had become a chameleon, I constantly changed to feel accepted. ”

Is this the opinion that now also shares Kim Kardashian? Only the future will tell us.

Kim Kardashian's makeup look has become
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