Is Selena Gomez pregnant? A video on Tiktok panics the web.

There are many rumors that Selena Gomez is pregnant but is it true?

And how not to suspect such a dramatic situation if the singer has recently started to appear in public in unusual outfits for her. At the same time, we were, until then, rather used to seeing her in tight dresses and cropped tops.

Selena Gomez star is one of the personalities most followed on his official Instagram account with 235 million followers, and recently she posted new pictures to show her new look. Except most of her photos don’t show her abdomen. These just face photos!

Fans of the singer began to think that she may be pregnant, especially after a new video on Tik Tok where we see Selena dancing with her friend on Baila Conmigo. Selena performed a playful dance in front of the camera, during which fans got to see the rounded belly. And the latter seems to be convinced that Selena Gomez is pregnant!


@selenagomez¡Baila Conmigo! 💃🏻 #bailaconmigo #baila @rauwalejandro @tainy

♬ Selena – Baila Conmigo – Selena Gomez

Social media can sometimes be a cruel place. Very often, users tend to focus on how people look. And Selena, after this viral video, could not help but pay the price.

Source: hitc

In the video, we can see that her body is not as usual, but so far, there has been no official statement confirming that Selena Gomez is pregnant. Anything is possible, and if Selena Gomez is expecting a child sooner or later, she will say so.

What is certain is that at the moment, Selena is in one of the best moments of her career, innovating with different musical rhythms. And she even recently recorded songs in Spanish. A case to follow in the coming weeks!

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