Chelsea: Édouard Mendy recounts the important moments of his life!

Author of a magnificent Champions League final on May 29 against Guardiola’s Manchester City, Édouard Mendy, Senegalese goalkeeper from Chelsea, delivered himself to the microphone of Brut. He spoke of his moments of joy from the beginning of his career until today.

The day he won the Champions League, he pointed to Pôle Emploi, the day he became a goalkeeper… Édouard Mendy paid tribute to himself during an interview with Brut. Before being a goalkeeper, Édouard Mendy was a player on the pitch. He explained how he went from player to goalie. “I started by playing on the field, until one day a coach put me in the cages. I wanted to run, score goals, celebrate with my friends, ”he says. But over time, Édouard Mendy eventually took a liking to it. “

The Senegalese goalkeeper also spoke of the day he found himself unemployed. One day, Édouard Mendy finds himself without a club. By discussing with his relatives, we advise him to file a file at Pôle Emploi to receive unemployment benefits. “  It’s disillusionment, ” he says. At that time, Édouard Mendy thought of quitting football several times before becoming a dad. An event that motivates the player again. “  It was really something that motivated me to be able to succeed and make him proud, and today I’m sure he will be proud of me when he grows up, ” he says happily.

The day he joined Olympique de Marseille. The shop manager, Édouard Mendy, was about to sign an employment contract but was stopped in the wake of an offer from OM. “  At OM, I arrive as the fourth goalkeeper. I arrive to be in the rotation, to play the matches with the CFA, but I train all week with the pros, ”he says. The Chelsea goalkeeper says he has particularly learned from this experience.

His meeting with Senegal coach Aliou Cissé. A real surprise for the goalkeeper since he was informed that the latter was waiting for him in the locker room. ”  And so I see him, and he doesn’t even need to speak because he was coming to preach a convinced man and he said to me: ‘  Is that …” I said to him: “Coach, no need to even speak, I am there, I come, I wait for your call, I am here and today I want to play for my country, “remembers Édouard Mendy. A choice he does not regret: “  Senegal is the heart; it’s something that cannot be explained. “

The day he signed for Chelsea. Édouard Mendy couldn’t believe his eyes; he recounts this moment which was magnificent for him. ”  You arrive in a club where you have world champions, European champions, you have guys who have won titles and who have a full wardrobe,” he rejoices.

Former Rennes goalkeeper Mendy did not fail to mention Chelsea’s victory against Manchester City in the Champions League final. A day that will remain etched in the memory of the goalkeeper: “  When I saw my relatives on the field in tears, it was there that I realized the magnitude of what I had just accomplished. “After this atypical journey, Édouard Mendy has learned a lesson from it:”  Always believe in yourself, keep faith in yourself, be well surrounded also because those around you are extremely important in this kind of situation. “


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