Good news for Zanziman Ellie, the young boy called a monkey (video)

Zanziman Ellie, a 21-year-old boy who lived in the forest and ate grass, now owns a house. It is thanks to the humanitarian foundation Afrimax who has visited him, as well as his mother.

In a video shared on YouTube, her mother couldn’t believe her eyes when they were offered a well-furnished three-bedroom house and wads of cash.


They were also given a cow to provide milk to feed Zanziman Ellie. Very moved, the mother of young Eli said it was the happiest moment of their lives.

Ellie was born in 1997 after the death of these 5 brothers. His parents, out of desperation, prayed to God for a child, even if it was disabled.

According to Ellie’s mother, God heard them, but she became a widow a few days after her son was born.

Zanziman Ellie
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