10 Shocking Facts About Foods You Definitely Won’t Eat Again!

From horrible frying oil straight from Chinese sewers to the worst bread you’ll ever see in your life, not to mention the sickening and very unhygienic Indian street food.

Discover with us the 10 most shocking facts about foods that you will definitely not eat anymore.

We all ate bugs! Eh yes!

Does the thought of eating insects annoy you? And do you have horrible nightmares just about tasting a beetle wing or a piece of grasshopper thigh?

You don’t have to be entomophobia to be disgusted, indeed, because there is a huge difference between being afraid of insects and hating the fact of feeding on them.

But what if we told you that you have already absorbed a good amount of these disgusting insects that swarm everywhere, without even realizing it! If you can’t believe it, take a look at the ingredient list in your candy bag or the strawberry yogurt you love so much.

The famous dye E120

If you find the indication “colorant E120” among the other ingredients on the list, you have certainly eaten mealybugs. Even thousands and thousands of them, to be more precise.

This round, soft insect is native to Latin America, where they feed on a wide variety of plants, making them pests par excellence.

But what makes the mealybug so special is the carminic acid it secretes to protect itself from predators. And which is a beautiful crimson red color.

Raised in specially equipped cactus plantations, the mealybugs are then harvested. And this, before they are dried in the oven or in a more traditional way, directly under the rays of the sun.

They are then ground or immersed for a few moments in boiling water. This will ultimately allow their color to be extracted. Therefore, we are going to use the substance that we harvest in the cosmetic industries and especially the food industry, either directly on your plates.

Indeed, thousands of brands use this dye. In particular in the crusts of certain cheeses, sausages. But also cough syrup or even sweetened drinks, like the famous sodas that you drink regularly.

Shocking facts about a known food

You certainly like beavers, these nice little aquatic rodents, past masters in constructing hydraulic structures.

How can you not, in fact, crack in front of the adorable little face of this animal, whose ingenuity in making dams and dikes worthy of the name is no longer to be proven?

But despite all the love and affection you can have for her; you would necessarily be reluctant to taste a mixture made from her anal glands! Yet this is what you do practicing every day, without even realizing it! Especially if you are big fans of vanilla!

Because to enhance this natural aroma, the food industry uses castoreum: an oily, yellowish-looking, very fragrant secretion produced by glands located in the cesspools of beavers.

It is found everywhere in the food.

Thanks to this disgusting substance, to say the least, the food industry can strengthen different aromas, such as raspberry and strawberry, but especially vanilla.

So if you are a fan of good vanilla ice cream, it is very likely that you have already ingested this beaver substance in more or fewer quantities.

The pink slime in the cheeseburger

Cheeseburger lovers, go your way. Because by reading this part of the article, you will forever lose the desire to go to Mc Do!

In this sequence, you will indeed see what is called in the meat industry, the “pink slime,” or pink glue if you prefer.

This gooey, pink substance is an economical beef food additive that can be added to ground meat to increase its bulk and weight.

Sorry for these shocking facts about this food!

It consists of large, negligible pieces of beef, tendons, fat. And also connective tissues, which are crushed and kneaded in a huge centrifuge until a paste is obtained.

This is then treated with ammonia or citric acid to eliminate all bacteria. Then they are sent to meat factories and restaurateurs.

This is how this slightly raging mixture is found directly in your sandwiches or your pasta Bolognese. Obviously, without you realizing it in the least.

So the next time you ask for a Double Big Mac or a Giant Beef somewhere, you know it’s not really pure beef like they say in the false ads!

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