Maitre Gims: the opinion of his wife Demdem when he proposed polygamy to her


While a rumor has been circulating for a while indicating that the singer Maitre Gims is Polygamous, his wife Demdem was kind enough to give her perspective on this subject.

It all started with a question-and-answer session on Instagram when his Demdem sowed even more doubt with his answer. One of his followers had wanted to hear from Demdem about polygamy. The singer’s wife expressed no disagreement about it: “I accept anything that comes from my religion,” she said.

Before Demdem, with whom he had children, Maitre Gims would first have had four children with another woman. Arriving in France at the age of two, Gims still does not have French nationality. But to become French, it is forbidden to live “in a state of polygamy.”

According to article 21-24 of the civil code of French law: “No one can be naturalized if he does not justify his assimilation to the French community, in particular by a sufficient knowledge, according to his condition, of the language, of the ‘French history, culture and society, the level and methods of evaluation of which are set by decree of the Council of State, and the rights and duties conferred by French nationality as well as by adherence to the principles and the essential values ​​of the Republic. ”

Article 21-4 of the same civil code specifies: “The actual polygamy situation of the foreign spouse or the conviction pronounced against him for the defined offense when it was committed on a minor of fifteen years, is constitutive of the lack of assimilation. An “effective situation of polygamy” is, therefore, an obstacle to obtaining French nationality. For the moment, Gims has never spoken about this situation … “.

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