A five-year-old girl moves the web with her viral imitation of Michelle Obama-VIDEO

As the forever first lady, Michelle Obama has been adored by many young girls even after leaving office five years ago. Rosie White, five, is the new person who posed as her role model Mrs. Obama, listing several of her accomplishments and ending with one of her most famous quotes.

Kenya White, Rosie’s mother, filmed her daughter and told the media that posing as characters at home is her hobby. She said the former first lady was one of Rosie’s best impersonations, Yahoo News reports.

“It’s something we do in our hobbies because we love to create. This video was super fun to make because Rosie loves doing the models’ walk, ”White said.

In the video, which went viral after being shared on Storyful, the five-year-old can be heard saying, emulating her idol Michelle Obama, “I’m a role model for healthy families of women, a lawyer, and an author.”

“I am also a fashion icon. When someone is mean, cruel, or acts like a bully, we don’t stoop to their level, no. Our motto is when they fall low, we rise, ”Rosie concluded with the quote from Michelle Obama’s 2016 convention speech addressing her husband’s claims, Barack was not an American.

Many people admire the former Flotus and aspire to be like him before his successful New York Times memoir Becoming and Its Young Reader’s Version came out. The young reader version is intended for readers aged ten and over. Memoirs that sell millions of copies will always present the truth as it is and not in a “sweet” way due to the target audience, USA Today reported.

Michelle Obama also published a self-help journal, “Becoming: A Guided Journal to Discover Your Voice.” The journal has been described as “an intimate and inspiring introduction” by the former First Lady. Also, it contains more than “150 inspiring questions and quotes to help you discover – and rediscover – your story.”

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