A woman plans to marry a chandelier called Lumière.

Love has its reasons which reason itself ignores. An assertion that takes on its full meaning after learning the story of Amanda Liberty, a 37-year-old British.

Indeed, the woman is seriously considering marrying a 93-year-old chandelier. An unusual marriage that, however, the woman considers normal given the deep love she feels for this object.

Unusual wedding: a woman plans to marry a chandelier

The objectophilia or paraphilia are becoming more common these days. And the followers of these practices never cease to surprise us each time. While we thought we had seen it all with Yuri Tolochko, who married a doll, Amanda Liberty, a woman living in Leeds, came to prove the opposite by reiterating her desire to marry a 93-year-old chandelier.

Indeed, after nearly four years of living together, the young woman considers it time to take the plunge with her darling. And what could be better than doing it live on TV to show how much it means to him?

An apparition to explain its peculiarity.


So, on Steph’s Packed Lunch TV show, she reconsidered her quirky love affair with the chandelier and revealed why she was considering marrying him.

Love at first sight for the object.

The chandelier, named Lumière, in memory of the Disney film ” Beauty and the Beast, “appeared in Amanda’s life in 2016. While she was browsing eBay, she saw the object and quickly got hold of it. Love at first sight, even though it was in Germany and cost more than 400 euros.

After her discovery, she couldn’t stop thinking about the candlestick. “I couldn’t get it out of my mind for two weeks,” she said on the TV show.

Everything to bring her darling to her side.

So, from this moment, she will do everything to have it. A bet that she has succeeded since now she intends to marry the chandelier.

Marry a chandelier, a choice that the woman assumes above all.

Source: new york post

The question that arises after such a story is how a human can have feelings about things. Well, Amanda has a ready-made answer.

According to her, objects have a particular energy, and she can feel it. Moreover, “she does not consider them as inanimate objects as most people do,” hence her attraction for them.

A long love story.

Note that Amanda was in a relationship with a drum kit before falling in love with the chandelier. And the list of items she has shared a romance with seems very long given her collection. Her relationship with Lumière gives her a special feeling, hence her decision to consolidate their union.

Marriage of the woman with the chandelier: “No longer a commitment.”

According to the woman, her intention to marry the chandelier is comparable to an “engagement.” It is, in a way, the celebration of his love for him. And for this, she has all the support of those around her, although they do not understand her attraction to objects. But for the woman, what matters is that she is happy and loves herself as she is.

Decidedly, the human being throws us many surprises. The question now is who will celebrate this bizarre union. Indeed not the local priest, let alone the town hall of his commune.

Amanda Liberty
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