The coup against the coup … what happened to the European Super League?

After hours of intense fanfare, it came like a thunderbolt that lapsed, and subsequent reports of new football, or even a sport that could collapse on its head, the coups of the nascent European Super League, to become very quickly in the wind.

The seemingly devastating blow came from the cradle of football, as the Premier League clubs announced their withdrawal from the European Super League, on Tuesday, 48 hours after its launch.

Manchester City was the first club to leave the new competition, followed by Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Tottenham Hotspur. Simultaneously, reports said that Chelsea was also preparing to give up the “separatist championship.”

According to reports in British media, the “Blues” have not been confirmed after their withdrawal from the tournament, but they will join their rivals in the Premier League soon.

Fans gathered in large numbers outside Stamford Bridge, Chelsea’s stadium, ahead of its Premier League match against Brighton & Hove Albion to protest the proposed separatist league aimed at competing with the Champions League.

The “big six” in the Premier League, along with Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid from Spain, Milan, Inter Milan, and Juventus from Italy, announced that the so-called European Super League.

There is no confirmation yet from other clubs whether they will also withdraw, noting that press reports have also indicated the intention of Inter Milan to withdraw. However, it seems illogical to establish a European “Super” championship without the most prominent Premier League clubs, indicating that It may not see the light soon.

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In the face of all these successive developments, the founders of the controversial tournament announced that they would “reconsider the most appropriate steps to restructure the project” in the wake of a wave of withdrawals from founding clubs.

The founders did not announce any other details of how the restructuring will take place. However, it is difficult to imagine holding the championship after those major withdrawals, successive pressures, and global rejection.

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