Temporarily, the Real is at the top of the League and Seville, third

Real Madrid topped the Spanish football league standings by confrontations ahead of its neighbor Atletico Madrid, with its 3-0 victory over Cadiz on Wednesday, in the thirty-first stage Sevilla rise to third place with a precious 1-0 victory over Levante.

Real raised its tally to 70 points, equal to Atletico Madrid, who meet Huesca on Thursday.

Real avenged his loss to Kadesh in his home, back with a clear goal.

And once again, the royal team owes the victory to its French striker Karim Benzema, who scored two goals in the two minutes, 30 from a penalty kick and 40, raising his tally to 21 goals this season to rise to second place in the scorers’ ranking behind Barcelona’s Lionel Messi. Benzema’s tenth goal in his last six matches since his return from an injury in late March.

As for the third goal, Alvaro Odriotsola scored with a pass from Benzema (33).

It is noteworthy that Real Madrid is invited to face Chelsea in the Champions League semi-finals next week.

Seville advanced to third place in the second match by defeating their host Levante 1-0 on Wednesday.

Seville advanced to third place temporarily, with 67 points.

It is the fourth successive victory for the Andalusian club in a series of 7 matches during which he has not tasted a loss in the league (6 wins for a draw) since his fall to Elche 1-2 in the 26th stage.

Seville also achieved their 21st win this season and their tenth outside their stronghold.

Osasuna defeated Valencia 3-1 at home in a second match, Alaves defeated at home Villarreal 2-1. Real Betis tied at home against Athletic Bilbao, and Elche drew 1-1 with Valladolid.

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