She beats her boss with a broom for sending him sexual messages (video)

A Chinese official has gone viral on the internet after a video was posted in which she was seen using a mop to hit her boss, who sent her obscene texts.

In the video, the woman identified by her last name, Zhou, can be seen throwing books in the face of her boss Wang and hitting him with the broom. While punched, he hides his face behind his fingers and tries to apologize by saying he was joking when he sent him the messages. Later, she took several books from Wang’s desk and threw them at her head, reports the South China Morning Post.

In the video, she is also seen making phone calls, claiming the man sent harassing texts to several women in the office.

The video went viral, with many hailing the woman as a hero for standing up to her boss and fighting to protect herself and her colleagues.

Photo credit: ghanaflaver

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