Shocking attitude of Miss Sri Lanka for “married women” at the moment of her coronation

Chaos reigned over the Miss Married Women pageant in Sri Lanka at the weekend, when a former holder of the title declared the winner was ineligible to win because she was divorced, and forcibly snatched the crown from her.

Video recording of the competition, which was held on Sunday, began with a short speech delivered by the 2019 Miss World Married Woman winner Caroline Goree, in front of the audience, after the names of the winner and the runners-up were announced in the capital, Colombo.

“There is a condition that the contestant is married and not divorced, so I take my first step by saying that the crown goes to the first runner-up,” said Gauri, then walked across stage and grabbed the crown from Pushbika de Silva, who was standing holding a bouquet of flowers.

Goree removed the crown and placed it at the helm of the first runner-up, while de Silva left the stage. The festive music was playing in the background throughout the incident.

In a Facebook post on Monday, De Silva said she was not absolute, but rather separate, and wrote, “If I was not qualified from the start to enter this competition, they could have disqualified me.”

And the crown was returned to her at a press conference yesterday, Tuesday, after the organizers of the competition confirmed that she was not divorced, as well as their apology to her.

The winner of the Miss Married Women in Sri Lanka is participating in the Miss World Married Women contest.

The official account of the Miss World Married Women contest on Instagram announced de Silva’s victory in a brief post with her photo on Tuesday.

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