It is 35 years old .. The Super Mario version breaks the record for the most expensive game in the world

The classic Super Mario Bros game from NES surpassed the most expensive sold game in the world; on Friday, a sealed version of the famous video game series was sold for a price of 660 thousand dollars (equivalent to 10 million and 400 thousand Egyptian pounds), through the auction platform Heritage Auctions is more than four times the previous record for the most expensive game ever.

According to the technical site “the verge,” this is not the first time that Super Mario Bros maintains the record, as a copy of the American version of the game was sold for 114 thousand dollars (equivalent to one million and 700 thousand Egyptian pounds) in July 2020. , Which broke the record of $ 100,150 set by another version of the game in February 2019.

But last November, a rare copy of the video game series set a new record, selling a sealed version of Super Mario Bros.3 for $ 156,000 (2,400,000 Egyptian pounds), making it the most expensive video game ever sold…

According to Heritage Auctions, what makes Super Mario Bros, which was sold at a fabulous price yesterday, is a special edition. Not only is it the best-sealed plastic version of the game with perforated cardboard hanging tag, but it is also the oldest sealed version of Super Mario Bros. It is the fourth edition produced by the company in late 1986.

Heritage Auctions explained that this is only the fourth edition of Super Mario Bros ever produced in this period. Its production window was significantly limited, and to paint a better picture, the national version of the platform came in mid to late 1986. And distributed black box games for this release didn’t have Game Pak NES-GP code.

The seller of the sealed version, who requested anonymity, told the auction platform: “He purchased the game as a Christmas present in late 1986, and it remained untouched in the office drawer for 35 years before its discovery.”

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