The most prominent features of the festive procession of royal mummies

The countdown has begun for an event that everyone awaits, a procession of mummies, as there are only less than 20 hours left for the grand celebration, which is scheduled to begin at exactly six o’clock on Saturday evening.

The world is on a date with the parade of royal mummies, which set off carrying 22 Pharaonic kings and queens, from Tahrir Square to the Museum of Civilization.

The coverage of that day is witnessed by nearly 400 satellite channels and international and local news agencies. It is classified as the most important event on the international stage for its greatness.

Within this framework, we list the ceremonial features of the Procession of Royal Mummies as follows:

Before the convoy moved, 21 shots were fired in the air.
Cars exit one after the other from the gate of the museum in a circular motion to exit from the external museum’s main door to go to Tahrir Square and turn around the obelisk.
The obelisk and the buildings around it are lit up, then the procession proceeds along the Nile.
Royal mummies are carried on carts designed in the Pharaonic style, and above them are glass boxes to store mummies.
Cars carry a unified emblem and carry the king’s name and surname in Arabic, English, and hieroglyphs.
– Individuals wearing Pharaonic costumes and horse-riding will stand next to the cars and in front of the procession.
Custom-built war wheels will drive to participate on both sides of the road during the parade.
-The procession will lead a group of female artists wearing Pharaonic uniforms led by Maestro Nader Abbasi, accompanied by military bands wearing Pharaonic clothes.
The celebration will be decorated with laser lights and searchlights that will illuminate the sky with the names of the 22 kings of the Pharaohs and 17 royal sarcophagi.
– TV screens will be placed in the streets to follow this unique event and ceremony.
A large number of fans will receive the royal procession with Egyptian flags on both sides of the road, from its start in Tahrir until it arrives in Fustat.
– Tahrir Square will officially open in parallel with the procession of royal mummies, and the obelisk of Ramses II and the rams that adorn the square will be unveiled.
– The central hall and the royal mummies hall in the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization will be opened on the same day, specially equipped for that event, to preserve the mummies’ integrity.

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