The 150-second video .. What happened in the Suez Canal?

Days after the “epic” of floating the “Evergiven” ship, which disrupted navigation in the Egyptian Suez Canal, the global waterway artery, the authority published, on Thursday, a two-and-a-half-minute video summarizing what happened.

The video, titled “Moments We Will Never Forget,” shows the scenes of the men of the Suez Canal Authority overflowing the delinquent Panamanian container ship.

The video shows the thanks of the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to everyone who participated in this work, and then clips of the attempts to float the ship and its movement and the joy of the workers and engineers who participated in this difficult work.

The Suez Canal Authority described the video on its Facebook account as “unforgettable moments … Watch the happiness of the brave and invaluable men of the Suez Canal Authority while they float the Panamanian container ship Evergiven.”

On Thursday, the Suez Canal Authority said that 87 ships are expected to cross the canal in both directions, as part of its attempt to finish crossing all ships that were stopped due to the delinquency of the Panamanian ship last week.

Lieutenant General Osama Rabie, head of the Suez Canal Authority, confirmed that navigation in the canal continues around the clock to ensure that all ships in the waiting areas or at the northern and southern entrances to the canal pass as soon as possible, in addition to receiving new ships in preparation for crossing the canal.

In this regard, Lieutenant General Rabei thanked the customers from the different shipping lines for their confidence in the canal’s ability to quickly overcome the crisis and work at full capacity again, pointing out that work is currently underway in full swing to finish the crossing of all ships in the shipping channel and take all necessary measures for that.

Environmental condition after the accident

To complete the monitoring of the marine environment, Yasmine Fouad, the Egyptian Minister of Environment, carried out an aerial survey of the Suez Canal area to monitor the environmental situation of the area, after the Suez Canal Authority men had successfully floated the delinquent ship.

The aerial photos show that there is no congestion of ships in the shipping course, which is an indication of the achievement that the Suez Canal Authority achieved after resolving the ship crisis.

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