Report: Biden returning to the nuclear deal without continuing to pressure Iran is wrong

The American “National Interest” magazine said in a report published on Thursday that US President Joe Biden would commit a mistake if he decided to return to Iran’s nuclear agreement without continuing pressure on it.

The report, written by Wang Xiu, said that there has been no successful example of “constructive engagement” between the United States and Iran and that the 2015 agreement was achieved through pressure.

The show, which was imprisoned in Iran from 2016 to 2019, made clear that the Iranian regime did not begin to negotiate seriously until the administration of former President Barack Obama stepped up its pressure on Tehran.

He noted that during the 2012 election campaign, Obama promised to end Iran’s nuclear program by striking a deal with Tehran. By the summer of 2015, the promise had been curtailed by a clause in the agreement to postpone Iran’s nuclear program for 15 years.

The report considered that this compromise could only be explained by Obama’s belief that constructive engagement with Iran will change its behavior because Tehran will realize that dealing with the United States will be in its favor. In the end, it acts responsibly in the international arena.

He indicated that the limited nuclear agreement with Tehran would give America time to negotiate permanent restrictions on Iran’s nuclear capacity and address other aspects of its “malign” behavior.

The author of the report stressed that the lesson learned today for policymakers in the Biden administration is that despite “constructive engagement,” the Iranian regime refused to change its behavior. Rather, the engagement appears to have strengthened the regime’s aggressive behavior.

He said that Iran had conducted missile tests before and after the agreement was formally implemented despite optimistic expectations, adding that even if the non-nuclear aspects of Iran’s behavior were ignored. Since the signing of the 2015 agreement, the nuclear issue was focused on Iran has categorically refused to negotiate anything beyond Literally written in that agreement.

He stated that the communication between the Iranian and American peoples had not been strengthened as Obama envisioned, as Tehran entered into a hostage-taking episode immediately after the conclusion of the deal and the arrest of several American business people and academics, who sought to strengthen economic and cultural relations between Iranians and Americans.

In his report, Shiwi indicated that they were all convicted of “espionage” and “infiltration” and were sentenced to long prison terms. The Iranian regime used them as hostages to blackmail the United States.

The writer emphasized that “the Biden administration must understand the real strategic framework, which is that the basic interests of the United States and Iran conflict because America’s primary goal in the Middle East is to contain Iran, while Iran wants to expand its influence and oppose the United States.”

He added, “The Iranian regime needs to return to the nuclear agreement only to lift the sanctions … There is no way for the United States to deal with the Iranian regime without applying heavy pressure.”

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