Suez Canal .. Beginning of investigations into the delinquency of the ship “Ever Given”

On Wednesday, the official start of investigations in Egypt regarding the stranding accident of the ship “Evergiven”, which led to the closure of the Suez Canal, for about a week.

The “Evergiven” ship docked in the Great Bitter Lakes, a vast expanse of water midway between the northern and southern ends of the canal, after rescue teams succeeded in liberating the huge vessel on Monday afternoon.

The Egyptian authorities began preparatory steps for the investigation, as experts boarded the huge container ship to determine the cause of the ship’s delinquency, and engineers examined its engines.

The Japanese company that owns the ship declined to discuss possible causes of the accident, including the alleged high speed and other errors, saying it could not comment on the investigation, which is still underway.

The company said that it has not yet received any requests for compensation and notifications of lawsuits to compensate for damages due to the disruption of the waterway.

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