Broken down in a gang neighborhood, Justin Bieber is challenged (Video)

This week, the famous singer Justin Bieber ignited the web following a minor mishap when his vehicle ran out of gas. On social media, the video of his meeting with gang members has gone viral.

Aware of the fact that it is not every day that you meet Justin Bieber in the street. For this time, the singer broke down in a gang’s neighborhood, which gave rise to an unusual sequence.

As we can see on the videos posted on Twitter, the singer of London origin began to sing in Acappella before embarking on a series of push-ups, all filmed by witnesses to the scene. The sequence had millions of views on the networks, eliciting thousands of reactions from internet users.


Even if the press was not indifferent to what happened to the Canadian singer accustomed to talking about this misadventure made the buzz on the networks for an unexpected and surprising reason.

Photo credit: 13or-du-hip-hop

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