Cristiano Ronaldo unveils the 10 best players in the world in the 21st century… Messi is 4th.

Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo unveiled the 10 best players globally in the 21st century in an interview with the media Gol.

If there is one point on which football fans have agreed with Portuguese, it is that the five-fold Golden Ball who made this list is one of those best players on the planet in the 21st century.

It should also be noted that this top 10 is quite heterogeneous, and there are many of his career teammates, such as 2 former Man. United and players he played with at Real Madrid.

Ronaldo placed his six-time Ballon d’Or rival Lionel Messi in the fourth position. Angel Dimaria is the only PSG player who is on this Cristiano Ronaldo list.

10th place – Ronaldo Nazario

He ranks the Brazilian legend in 10th place.

9th place – Andrea Pirlo

His current trainer ranks 9th in this top.

8th place – Xavi Hernandez

Xavi is a player he has faced very often, and that he ranks 8th.

7th place – Paul Scholes

His former Manchester United teammate comes seventh.

6th place – David Beckham

According to Ronaldo (the other), a nice 6th place for the great David Beckham is the author of “the craziest pass of all time”.

5th place – Radamel Falcao

Ronaldo has decided to place Falcao in fifth place in his ranking!

4th place – Argentinian Lionel Messi

Astonishing when you know the respect between the two players, but Messi is the only 4th. And yes, the Argentine has also ranked the best players faced in his career.

3rd place – Portuguese Luis Figo

It is his compatriot Figo who opens the podium.

2nd place – Angel Di Maria

A very nice tribute to his former Real Madrid teammate.

First place – Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese did not bother and put himself at the top of the ranking of the best players. Fortunately, our national Zizou is there to bring him back to earth.

Photo credit: Afrique Sports.


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