1.7 million Britons are most at risk of serious injury or death from Corona

The authorities in Britain have identified an additional category of people numbering 1.7 million who are at risk of seriously contracting or dying from the corona.

Those included in this category combine factors such as age, chronic disease, and body mass index.

On Tuesday, the government said that those identified in the new category would be asked to protect themselves. They will be among the priority ones to get anti-virus vaccination if they have not already received a first vaccine dose.

The government added that more than half of this group would have been required to go to vaccination because of their age, but 820,000 adults of the remaining who were identified in this category between 19 and 69 years of age still had to receive a dose.

They will be included in the list of those waiting to receive a dose in the coming weeks, either because of their age or because they suffer from a chronic disease, and they will be identified as a priority for doctors.

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