Dave Asprey spends $ 1 million to be live 180

To be able to stay young and live a long life, some people are ready for anything. Sport, calibrated diet, excessive surgery … everything is good to challenge old age. However, Dave Asprey decided to take this fight even further, with the concept of biohacking.

Indeed, the 47-year-old man injected stem cells all over his body for huge sums. And his goal is to live to 180 years, that is to say at least until the year 2153.

Man uses the concept of biohacking to be young.

Science has long stumbled upon a stumbling block when it comes to reversing the aging process. And yet, Dave Asprey, a businessman and pioneer in the sale of products on the internet, has taken on the challenge of living young forever, thanks to biohacking.

Describing biohacking as “the art and science of changing things around and within you so that you have control over your own biology,” he sees this technology as the best way to reverse his body clock. But for this, the lifestyle guru resorts to a series of tedious procedures one after the other.

Reinjection of stem cells into his body

In fact, a man removes parts of his bone marrow and then reinjects the stem cells into his body. According to him, “as we get older our stem cells get depleted, so I do things like intermittent fasting which gives me more stem cells, and then I take my own stem cells and move them around the body so that I heal and move like a young person.”

Dave Asprey: all his ways to stay young

Source: menshealth

Likewise, Dave Asprey reveals that he believes in the benefits of cryotherapy, the latter being the use of low temperatures in medical therapy to treat various tissue damage. Therefore, the writer has been taking, improbably, cold showers for more than a decade to stay young and pay the price.

As one might expect, all these quite unusual processes have a high cost. In fact, the man pays $ 25,000 for each “cell reinjection” session. And it turns out that the millionaire is not at his first attempt.

A million dollars in hacks to keep from getting old

In total, Dave Asprey claims to have spent over a million dollars, in what he sums up by the concept of biohacking. And, he is far from wanting to stop there. However, the most puzzling is that the creator of Bulletproof Coffee (coffee bulletproof) sees coffee as a superfood; and that skipping breakfast helps you live longer. Claims about his diet have not failed to spark a wave of controversy in the United States.

Dave Asprey: why want to live so long?

Source: famouspeopletoday

However, given all of Dave Asprey’s efforts for biohacking and the goal of reaching 180, a question remains. For what reasons, the businessman wishes to have such great longevity, especially at this almost unattainable age? Well, the 47-year-old has a ready-made answer. He is curious to know what will happen in the future and wants to be aware of future innovations.

“I think there is a lot that we can fix and improve in the world, and I don’t feel like I’m done yet,” he says. Therefore, the idea of ​​living so long without his relatives and friends does not bother him, especially since he believes that the aforementioned methods will start to spread all over the world.

An increasingly young society

“I don’t think I’ll be the only one doing this,” said Dave. And to continue: “It will be like cell phones, everyone has cell phones. Everyone will have an anti-aging drug ”.

It must be recognized that Dave Asprey is trying, through biohacking, to thwart Mother Nature’s plans; or to be the Benjamin Button of real life. Hopefully, his struggle to fail, as long as possible, can be successful at the Grim Reaper. However, one thing is certain. He’s going to need a lot of luck to live to be 180 years old.

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