Protests in front of the Tunisian parliament against police abuse (photos)

Hundreds of protesters gathered in Tunis on Tuesday, a facilitator, towards the parliament, which is debating a controversial cabinet reshuffle in the largest demonstration since protests against inequality and police abuse began this month.

Police prevented the march from reaching the parliament building, but without clashes, as happens every night of violence for more than a week that led to the death of one of the demonstrators.

A protester named Salem bin Saleh said: “The government that uses the police to protect itself only from the people has lost legitimacy.”

The protests erupted this month on the tenth anniversary of the Tunisian revolution in 2011, and the political stalemate and economic decline worsened, prompting many Tunisians to question the fruits of the revolution.

In Parliament, Prime Minister Hisham El-Mechichi presented a new government in a move that President Kais Said rejected as “unconstitutional,” and the political stalemate that has plagued Tunisia since the elections in 2019 hindered its efforts to address the worsening economic problems, while foreign lenders and the Tunisian General Labor Union demand Make quick fixes.

Last year, with the outbreak of the Corona pandemic, the Tunisian economy contracted by more than eight percent and the fiscal deficit increased to more than 12 percent of GDP, pushing the public debt to more than 90 percent of GDP.

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