Corona hits Australia with the new British strain

On Saturday, officials said that 3 people in Melbourne had been infected with the new strain of the emerging coronavirus that appeared in Britain.

They pointed out that the new cases belong to 3 people related to the Australian Open tennis championship and are subject to quarantine in Melbourne.

The authorities responsible for the quarantine of arrivals from abroad in Victoria’s state said that these three are not players and have been subject to strict quarantine since they arrived in the country on January 15.

These authorities’ statement said, “3 people associated with the Australian Open are subject to quarantine, who have been infected with the virus strain that appeared in Britain.”

For the 17th consecutive day, Victoria, Australia’s second-most populous state, did not register any new local infection with the virus, Saturday.

More than 70 players who arrived on three casual flights are subject to compulsory quarantine and are prohibited from practicing any training outside their rooms for 14 days before participating in the Australian Open, which begins at Melbourne Park stadiums on February 8, while other players are allowed to leave Roommates and exercise for up to 5 hours daily.

The Australian Open will start its first Grand Slam tournament for the current season on February 8 and continue until the 21st of the same month.

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