A new update for Chrome gives users this feature

Google has launched a new update for the Chrome 88 browser, adding some password-specific features that work on various devices and smartphones.

According to what was reported by “Komando,” the new update brings Chrome users many new features. Windows 10 users can enjoy the browser’s dark mode features, which include new dark sliders.

And the new Chrome version gives you an easy way to update all the passwords managed by the most used browser, so instead of updating these passwords in the accounts, you can use the Chrome settings after the update to do it all in one place.

Besides setting passwords faster and easier; The browser alerts the user if they are using weak passwords, and this feature has already been rolled out to desktop and iOS users and will be rolled out to Android soon.

Through the new update, Google removed some old technologies in its browser, such as FTP protocols. As part of the update, the technology giant removed Adobe Flash player support from the browser and added the Tab Search feature.

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