Teleportation: the apocalypse story of a woman who claims to have traveled to AD 3780

While many experts wonder about the possibility of time travel, a woman claims to have already made this journey. An assertion that has been around the web, thus making this statement viral.
Responding to Clara’s name, the woman claims to have traveled to the year 3780. And her story is worthy of an apocalyptic prediction, straight out of a science fiction film.

Time travel: a woman delivers an apocalyptic tale

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Time traveling is something you only saw in the movies and until then seemed like an impossible task. However, it must be said that Clara’s apocalyptic tale has cast doubt on the possibility of this human teleportation. Indeed, she revealed, in a video, that her country created a time machine that projected it to the year 3780.

The goal? Well, Clara indicates that she was sent around this time to bring the machines that will seek to wipe out the human race. According to her, the world will soon be under the control of robots with a higher intelligence level and will kill humans.

Apocalyptic tale: towards a war between humans and robots

Most incredible about this time-traveling woman’s tale is the doomsday fate she predicted for the universe. According to her, there will be enormous destruction: buildings on fire, death of men, destroyed cars, fires, etc. And all of this will be caused by the war that will break out between robots and humanity.

A time machine on earth?

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Continuing with her apocalyptic tale, the woman indicated a time machine in this real world. Where exactly is it? This is the big question that Internet users are asking themselves.

Likewise, she added that the machine is called Isacc and that it works with electricity. This is in the form of a metal chain and has needles that penetrate the human body. So, sit on a chair and let the machine teleport you.

About the country that made the teleportation machine

Hearing him speak, it looked like Clara was of Russian origin. However, she refrained from revealing the name of her country and intends to remain anonymous. In this sense, she stresses that revealing her country’s name could lead to serious state conflicts.

Is the story of the woman who claims to have traveled in time credible?

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Although the woman’s apocalyptic account seems to emanate from the real, it must be said that its proofs are not so far. And for a good reason, it showed a “brain” that it would have taken from one of the future robots. The most amazing thing is that the brain is an Intel processor.

As one would expect, this viral story sparked a real controversy on social networks. Indeed, some Internet users, not believing it too much, judge Clara’s words as being fallacious and dangerous for humanity. These point out that this can create reluctance and opposition to the technology itself.

A fear of “evil” robots

For others, this time-traveling woman’s story can lead to a haunting and inordinate fear of robots and science. As a result, some people will be able to attack scientists and their creations shortly.

Either way, Clara, with her story straight out of a sci-fi movie, will have left many people with doubt. While some want to know the country where the time machine is located, others see its apocalyptic tale as a universal danger.

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