Chinese Sinovac increases vaccine production to 1 billion doses annually

The Chinese company, “Sinovac Biotec” for the pharmaceutical industry, announced that it would intensify its production of the Chinese “Coronavac” vaccine against Corona in response to the strong global demand in light of the imbalance in supplies of the “Pfizer Biontech” vaccine.

“The Sinovac company is intensifying the Coronavac vaccine production (…) to ensure global supply,” said Yin Weidong, president and CEO of Xinhua.

In an interview with Xinhua, he added that “Sinovac has received requests from Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey, Chile, and other countries and regions.”

He assured the partners, saying, “We are making all efforts to expand production capacity, and we hope that the vaccine will protect more people around the world.” “The company has built a second production line that will start work in February, increasing its annual production capacity to one billion doses.”

To speed up the response to requests for the vaccine, Yin Weidong explained that “Sinovac” would export the doses to some countries without completing the last stages of the production process before export, such as packaging and packaging, which it leaves to the importing countries.

Because the fluctuating situation related to the developments of the virus requires, according to the Chinese official, “we do not respond to it with the usual supply and demand business model alone. Vaccines are public benefits, and we must assume social responsibilities.”

It should be noted that several countries worldwide have given their approval for the emergency use of the Chinese vaccine, “Coronavac,” including China, the producing country, Indonesia, Brazil, and Chile.

Source: “Xinhua” / Chinese “People” newspaper

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