Millions of Arabs are searching for the Nermine sfar scandal on Google

The name of the Tunisian dancer Nermin Sfar has been on top of the search engine platforms, as Twitter and Instagram have caught fire during the past hours after a video of her was circulated via live broadcast.

Soon, the tweeters circulated the video widely under the title “Live photos of the Nermin Zero 2021 scandal.”

The Tunisian dancer Nermine Sfar, in the first days of the comprehensive quarantine decided by the Tunisian government, achieved a record number of views during her live broadcast on “Facebook.”

After “Nermin” offered, in addition to the dancing paintings, prizes for the competitions were presented, after it was adopted by a private company that provided simple cash prizes of 50 Tunisian dinars, equivalent to 18 US dollars for each contestant.

And local sources reported that Nermin Sfar surpassed all Tunisian television channels that prepared special programs on the total quarantine occasion. It was expected that the viewership of these channels would increase.


It is reported that Nermin Sfar was the first Tunisian who initiated the idea of presenting live performances in dance to her followers on her Facebook page during the comprehensive quarantine that Tunisia is experiencing, after which other artists would present performances on their personal pages. Still, they did not achieve the same success.

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