Funny footage during Biden’s inauguration … watch

The pioneers of social networking sites in the United States shared several funny clips at President Joe Biden’s inauguration in Washington, DC.

Among the most prominent shots that sparked the social media is the appearance of former US President Bill Clinton sleeping during the ceremony with his wife and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Twitter users also shared video footage of Vice President Kamala Harris accompanying her husband before entering the swearing-in stage in front of Congress. She almost stumbled as she descended on the stairs to catch herself spontaneously.

But Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders was the first winner of the inaugural satirical comment campaign on Inauguration Day when he was seen sitting alone and wearing big gloves.

Activists questioned the secret of these gloves, but according to the British newspaper “Daily Mail,” they were made by a school called Jess Ellis, which he gave to him as a gift more than two years ago.

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