Bogdanoff brothers on trial for fraud against bipolar millionaire

After three years of investigation, an examining magistrate ordered a trial for “swindle on the vulnerable person” against the famous French animators Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff, as well as four other people.
In particular, they would have involved their victim in the abortive project to relaunch a science fiction program, “Time X,” or in the purchase of a Gazelle helicopter, pilotable only by Igor.

The Bogdanoff brothers tried for fraud.

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After three years of investigation, a Parisian examining magistrate ordered a trial for “swindling a vulnerable person” against the famous French animators Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff, and four other people.

Indeed, they are accused of taking advantage of Cyrille P, a millionaire who suffers from bipolarity, especially since this former hotelier had committed suicide during the investigation, on August 31, 2018, from the cliffs of Etretat, in Seine-Maritime.

“I am in great pain.”

“I am in great pain; enough is enough. (…) They made me believe mountains and wonders, ”he wrote to the police shortly before his gesture. Moreover, two months earlier, Igor and Grichka Bogdanoff, whom he nicknamed Brother first and Brother absent, had been indicted in this case.

Today, the magistrate also referred to court the son of a Franco-Congolese diplomat, Tanguy Ifoku, nicknamed “Dark Brother.” But also a film producer, his daughter, and a Parisian lawyer.

The latter is accused of having led the victim to squander his fortune in a film with questionable production conditions, “The Fruit of Hope.” However, for them, the prosecution had requested to drop the charges. The reason is that the film had actually been produced and broadcast.

The Bogdanoffs accused of scams: several thousand euros spent.

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Nevertheless, the judge now considers that Cyrille P. was the victim of a scam on the Bodanoff brothers and Tanguy Ifoku. Because the latter made him “dangle extraordinary investments.”

There is first the purchase of a Gazelle helicopter, for which Cyrille P. is said to have signed a check for 100,000 euros. Then, the attempt to relaunch the program Temps X and the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s promotional film project.

The millionaire consents to everything.

And that’s not all! In financial difficulties, Igor had also convinced Cyrille P. to buy from him for € 750,000 half of his Parisian villa, in joint possession and without being able to settle there.

At the time, the millionaire agreed to everything: he gave in particular 160,000 euros in cash. And signed checks for 1.5 million euros during the winter of 2017-2018. But none is cashed since the bank blocks the payments.

The Bogdanoff brothers dispute any scam.

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Thus, according to the magistrate, they “had obviously found in this man the goose that lays the golden eggs capable of providing them with funds under cover of totally or partially chimerical projects.”

However, the Bogdanoff brothers, known for their physical transformation, take issue with any scams. Rather, they claim their deep ties with the wealthy hotelier. “The foundation of this incredible affair is the close friendship we had with Cyrille,” they declared.

“They have not benefited from any personal enrichment.”

According to their lawyers Mes Edouard de Lamaze and Éric Morain, “they did not benefit from any personal enrichment.” But it is now up to the examining magistrate to decide whether or not to trial the 70-year-old twins.

So, are the Bogdanoff brothers really guilty of fraud? In any case, the twins remain presumed innocent until the final judgment of this case.


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