The tragic story of Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee

Jackie Chan is definitely one of the most famous and beloved actors on the planet! But while everyone knows the incorrigible Jackie, very little is known about her family, especially her eldest son, Jaycee Chan. For those who know him, the latter is a little-known Chinese pop singer who is still struggling to break through and who has suffered a descent into hell in recent years.

Between a critical and commercial fiasco and a stay in prison, Jaycee’s life is at odds with that of his famous father. But how come Jaycee Chan couldn’t manage to follow in his father’s footsteps. So what kind of relationship is there between the two men? That’s what we’ll find out in today’s article!

All about Jaycee, Jackie Chan’s son.

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You should know that if Jackie Chan speaks so little about his oldest son, Jaycee, it is because of their tumultuous relationship, which has almost always united them. And to understand why we have to go back a bit! Back in the days when Jaycee was still just a lively teenager from the upscale suburbs of Los Angeles, California.

The young boy was born and raised in luxury. And since he is an only child and the son of star parents, we can really say that he was greatly spoiled by them.

Mainly through her mother, the former Taiwanese actress Joan Lin, married Jackie Chan in 1983 and gave birth to their son in 1984. Thus, the young woman is caring for her beloved child, to whom she can not refuse anything, which has the gift of secretly irritating his great daddy actor.

Jackie Chan wishes her son a good life.

Jackie Chan had indeed a very precarious childhood. And he had to get out of poverty on his own. This is done by working very hard and giving yourself no respite.

Jackie certainly doesn’t want her only son to endure the pangs of destitution like him at his age. But he nevertheless wishes to instill in him a sense of values ​​and respect for work.

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But little Jaycee is obviously of a different caliber! Since he shows from an early age a strong penchant for luxury and late nights with friends. The young boy’s whims will get much worse, especially when he hits the thankless teenage age.

Jaycee is indeed passionate about luxury cars and parties in nightclubs. During which he indulges in all excesses. At the same time, spending his father’s money lavishly.

The spoiled son is not made for school.
Her nightlife and unhygienic lifestyle soon took their toll on her school life. And little Jaycee ends up turning away from his studies for good. He thus left the prestigious College of William and Mary in Williamsburg. And he did so after only two semesters, where he accumulated unjustified absences.

The decision to quit school will be resented by Jaycee’s parents, the stars, who, like all parents, dreamed of a great school career for their son.

But the latter didn’t care! And so as not to have to hear his mother’s bullying again, Jaycee decides to fly to Hong Kong. The place where he wants to start a musical career.

So, far from his parents and the control they had had over him so far, he can truly emancipate himself to find the path to fame and fortune, just like his father a few decades earlier. Well, at least that’s what he thinks!

Jaycee leans towards the music

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Moving to Hong Kong in 2003, Jaycee sincerely believes he can break into a cantopop. A musical genre-mixing western pop with traditional Chinese music. He fell in love with this very fashionable musical genre in Hong Kong when he visited the Asian megalopolis as a child.

Jaycee therefore composed in 2004 his first cantopop album entitled quite simply… “Jaycee,” of which he wrote most of the lyrics himself. But despite the massive marketing campaign surrounding this album’s release, the public did not welcome it!

Jaycee’s flops
This first failure, both with the public and commercially, will soon be followed by several other flops in Jaycee Chan’s nascent career. The latter has indeed decided to embark on the cinema to boost its popularity with the public.

This is indeed what his father had done in the 1980s. Since the great Jackie Chan is also a singer who already has 20 albums to his credit, he composed himself.

Because in Hong Kong, cinema and music are almost inseparable twin arts. And any good actor who respects himself must have perfect vocal cords.

He does not know the same success as his dad
But sadly, Jaycee won’t have the same movie success as her famous dad. And most of the films he shoots have not been well received by critics.

Moreover, he very rarely had the leading roles in the films in question, which does not really help to credit him with viewers.

As the son of one of Hong Kong’s most beloved stars, Jaycee may have received a little sympathy from the public upfront, but at the same time, he has to work harder to earn his esteem truly.

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