A European country announces its surrender to Corona

The health authorities in Portugal revealed that the country’s public health system is on the verge of collapse. The number of people infected with the new Coronavirus has increased, and intensive care beds are running out.

“Our health system is under severe pressure,” said Health Minister Marta Timido. “There is a limit, and we’re very close to it.”

After three days of general lockdown, the Portuguese government of 10 million people only reported 10,385 new cases and 152 deaths on Sunday, bringing the total number of infections to 549,801, with the death toll rising to 8,861.

In the Wuhan laboratory, scientists also admitted that they were bitten while collecting samples in a cave that housed bats infected with the Coronavirus.

One of the researchers said that the tusks of one of the animals passed through his rubber gloves “like a needle.”

The staff inside the top-secret facility have also been shown dealing with bats without gloves and working on “live viruses” without masks, in clear violation of WHO’s strict safety rules on personal protective equipment, according to footage taken by a Chinese TV crew and broadcast in 2017.

These discoveries will raise further questions for the WHO team investigating the origins of the Coronavirus after months of arguing with Beijing over the access to the Wuhan site.

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