A player steals the spotlight at the Handball World Cup (video and photos)

Numerous press reports shed light on the DRC player Gauthier Mfombi Thierry, who appeared during his country’s match against his Argentine counterpart in the World Handball Cup.

According to the Spanish newspaper “AS,” the 26-year-old Gautier drew everyone’s attention who watched the match on television due to his apparent obesity. Despite that, he scored 4 goals for his country and made a remarkable physical effort.

The newspaper added that Gautier weighs 110 kg and plays for Drew AC, participating in the French second division.

It is noteworthy that the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s participation in the 27th edition of the Handball World Cup, hosted by Egypt until January 31, is the first in the history of the World Cup.

The Congolese national team plays in Group D, which, in addition to Argentina, plays with Denmark and Bahrain.


It is reported that the Congolese national team lost the match to its Argentine counterpart, 28-22.

Source: as.com

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