WhatsApp has been criticized for the new privacy policy

Facebook’s WhatsApp application decided to postpone introducing new business-related features after a backlash from users about the company’s data-sharing practices.

The delay represents a setback to WhatsApp’s plan to increase revenue by facilitating commercial exchanges on the messaging app. Facebook acquired for $ 19 billion in 2014 but is slow to make a profit.

On Friday, WhatsApp stated that users would no longer be able to review and agree to its updated terms by February 8th. Otherwise, their accounts will be suspended or deleted by this date.

Privacy advocates have attacked WhatsApp’s changes, citing what they say is Facebook’s poor record of supporting users’ interests when dealing with their data, and many suggesting that users move to other platforms.

The new privacy conditions for WhatsApp reserve the right to share user data, including the website and phone number, with its parent company Facebook and its affiliated units such as Instagram and Messenger.

Privacy advocates denounced the move, citing Facebook’s history of handling its users’ data.

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