The jewelry value of Ronaldo and his girlfriend, Georgina, in numbers

When Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez attend the events, they definitely know to catch the eye by displaying their luxury jewelry and watches.


The British newspaper “The Sun” highlighted the financial value that the world-famous duo spent on jewelry all the time, which was estimated at 2.9 million euros.

The couple (boyfriends) recently attended the Dubai Globe Football Awards, showing how much they love expensive jewelry.

Ronaldo, who was declared the player of the century that evening, wore 670,000 euros in his left hand, including a Rolex GMT Master, made of white gold and studded with hundreds of 30-carat diamonds, and is the most expensive watch the company has ever made, which equals 425 thousand euros.

Georgina, Don’s bride, wore an engagement ring worth 687,000 euros.

A diamond-encrusted ring adorned with a large ruby ​​stone tops the most expensive wedding rings made by footballers to their partners.

Of course, this is not all that the best player in the world and his girlfriend can boast. In 2018, Ronaldo attended the Juventus press conference before the match against Manchester United and dazzled journalists with Frank Muller’s diamond watch worth 1.3 million euros.

Previously, the Portuguese were spotted wearing a limited-edition Jacob and Co H24 watch, which costs 111,000 euros. Still, it is possible that Ronaldo got it for free when he became an ambassador for Jacob and Co in 2013 while playing for Real Madrid.

In addition to his love for watches, Ronaldo is no less passionate than his girlfriend, Georgina, for rings, as he has two rings, one of the women worth 223,000 euros, the ring has a huge yellow diamond surrounded by white diamonds, and he has another diamond ring that is estimated to cost 55,000 euros.

Last year, Georgina flaunted a whole collection of new jewelry in front of her millions of followers, a Patek Philippe TWENTY 4 watch, worth 36,000 euros, made of rose gold with an 18-karat diamond bezel, and to complete the picture, she wore three bracelets of The diamonds on her wrist, worth 28,000 euros each.

Finally, Ronaldo has been wearing black diamond earrings for a long time, which he has been with since 2013, paying around 11,000 euros for them.

Source: The Sun

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