Ronaldo’s Girlfriend Vs Messi’s Wife, Who Has More Swag?

These two women are partners of the world’s best footballers, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. These two players have been dominating for a decade now and they are still dominating even as they are growing old.

Georgina Rodriguez is Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend, they have been together for a while now and they have kids together. She was born in Jaca, Spain, on January 27, 1995.

She’s a Spanish model who studied English in the UK.

Antonella Roccuzzo is Lionel Messi’s wife, born on 26 February 1988. She’s an Argentine model, but she wanted to be a dentist before. She and Messi are reported to be childhood friends and later hooked up.

Truly they are both beautiful and you can attest to that fact, but we’re talking about swag here, which one of them do you think has more swag? Comment your opinion below, like, share, and click on the follow button to get more news and updates.


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