China unveils one of the most advanced cars in the world

The Chinese company Nio recently unveiled its new ET7, which is developed to be one of the most technically advanced cars.

A distinctive flowing structure characterizes the new car, thought out according to the latest aerodynamic standards, providing passengers with a distinct feeling of comfort and freedom while on the move thanks to the large glass areas on all four sides and the transparent glass that extends over the entire roof area.

One of the most important things that draw attention to it is its advanced technologies that enable its owner to control its movement remotely via phones and smart devices. Through the phone, commands can be given to the car to park itself or move towards its owner if parked somewhere.

Internally, this vehicle is equipped with the latest multimedia systems and a distinctive electronic assistant equipped with an interactive screen through which many driving technologies and many car systems can be controlled via voice commands, in addition to an advanced audio system that distributes sounds excellently through more than 30 loudspeakers.

This vehicle also got interior lighting systems that can be controlled to suit all times of the day, a giant touch screen in the middle of the driving interface similar to that found in Tesla cars, and an additional screen opposite the driver that works as an electronic instrument panel.

This vehicle is powered by environmentally-friendly electric motors that generate torque equivalent to 653 horsepower and enable it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.9 seconds, and its models got several types of batteries; the largest battery, according to the manufacturers, is sufficient to travel 1000 km per charge.

Source: moto1

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