Celebrities who underwent cosmetic procedures that distorted their features

The fashion for plastic surgery has prevailed in the world of celebrities, especially in the artistic community. It is no longer limited to women, but some men flock to it as well, as the infection has spread to all groups and sectors. The search for perfection has become the main reason for resorting to plastic surgery; The report will reveal some of the risks that someone who performs plastic surgery may face. Then we will show you a shortlist of some famous Arab and foreign stars who went through plastic surgery and deformed them.

What are the risks of plastic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is not always named after its name, as it may distort natural beauty most of the time, so one mistake may cause catastrophic deformations, and this is what happened with many stars and lost their own beauty, even though true beauty lies within the human being and in the difference of each person from The other, except that many stars seek cosmetic surgeries even though they do not need it, and some of the risks that they may be exposed to are:

A hematoma may occur, which will lead to bruising, and it may also lead to blood clots. Scars may appear permanently, as it cannot be controlled in some cases, or nerve damage may occur during the operation or be cut, affecting the patient in a way. Negative, and his inability to show his various facial expressions such as a smile, sadness, and … others, and after the operation has healed, bleeding may continue, or death may occur. If wrong anesthesia occurs or the necessary devices are not available in the operating room, and now we leave you with some celebrities who have been distorted by plastic surgery:

The Egyptian actress “Houria Farghali” recently performed a nose job and injected her face with botox. This led to a change in her shape and nature, which affected her voice and choked her. The artist had to postpone her artistic work until she finished her treatment of He triggered the failed operation. She also stated that she could not look at the mirrors and perform a new operation on her nose to return to normal again.

Mariam Osly

The famous Turkish-German actress, “Sultana Hiyam,” did not impress her Arab and Turkish followers with her pictures at the 71st “Cannes Film Festival” in France due to the plastic surgery. The appearance of cosmetic injections on her enlarged lips and face in a remarkable way and Maryam’s fans commented on her new look that she spoiled her natural beauty with botox, which showed her older.


Former American model and singer “Amanda Lopur” described it as one of the fiercest cases of plastic surgery addiction. After one of her surgeries, it appeared to her as a “twitching egg” because her mouth and chin were inconsistent with the face.

She also performed several sexual reassignment surgeries, and there were many rumors that she was originally a man. Some said: She did not leave a single organ in her body without performing plastic surgery, and the picture is the best title for that, “It has become terrifying for adults and children.”

Michael Jackson.

One of the most famous singers in the world and one of the most famous people who performed plastic surgeries and many features distorted his face and affected his health. His skin was infected with leprosy, which was evident by the change in his normal skin color.


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