10 most secret service tactics

Here are the most insane tactics used by the US secret service to protect the president!

Monitor meals to protect the president

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Eating is one of man’s greatest pleasures, and even presidents have their cute sins. Yes, but that fun can sometimes turn into a real nightmare when food becomes a danger.

How? ‘Or’ What? Well, that can happen when she is poisoned, for example. Making sure food is healthy is therefore of the utmost importance. But what if there is no “official taster” among those responsible for the president’s security? Never mind!

An essential secret service tactic
Secret service agents are there to check what the president is being fed. Everything from the finest meals to the simplest foods is screened under a true security system by the few officers authorized to approach the food.

Also, everything is prepared by people who must themselves be authorized to do so. The rule also applies when the president is traveling. But in this case, it is chefs affiliated with the US Navy or Air Force One who will take care of his meals.

You might think the president only eats home-made food, but that’s not always true. He may very well want a pizza and have it delivered… .but with another address!

The Beast: The President’s’ Car

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We cannot talk about the president’s protection without talking about his safety when he travels. Of course! But, did you know the president rides a limo and not just any limo? This is “The Beast,” or “The Beast,” as incumbent President Donald Trump calls it.

This car is a real “monster,” equipped with the most incredible technology and safety features. Modifications have been made to make it resistant to any attack.

A vehicle with first aid equipment.

Armored to the windows, with a body about twenty centimeters thick and puncture-resistant tires, the President’s car is well known to Secret Service agents. Normal, since they are responsible for driving it!

Wait a minute… Do you have any idea how fast this 9-ton car can go? Don’t think it’s a hot rod, because this car can only go at a speed of 96 km / h!


But that’s not really a problem, as long as the president can find everything he needs to work on the road there. But the beauty of this technology work does not end there!

In this car, you can also find first aid equipment, including blood bags. If necessary, first aid will be provided to the president immediately… by the agents themselves!

Eh yes! They know exactly what to do in an attack; for example, they can even save the president, as Ronald Reagan was injured in an attack in 1981.

A very senseless secret service tactical.

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When it comes to driving, Secret Service agents are real stuntmen. Normal, since these special drivers do not take the same driving lessons as us. Indeed, they must pass advanced driving training over several days.

In addition to knowing how to handle the steering wheel, they also learn several techniques, such as how to spin around in reverse 180 degrees before accelerating forward, and many other such spectacular maneuvers.

You never know what can happen on the road.

These techniques ultimately allow them to develop defensive driving and high-speed precision driving, which they can use where appropriate.

And then, we must not forget that their main mission is to protect the president and to remove him as quickly as possible from potential danger and lead him to a safe place. Of course, this does not mean that they have to drive at high speed or even rally in the city streets when all is well!

Secret service agents must master the “Systema.”

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Martial arts are a fundamental part of the secret service. And how! A secret service agent can only be a good agent if he has mastered the martial arts. And indeed, some are reserved for the secret services, such as “Systema” for example.

This Russian martial art was developed from “Samoz,” but it also brings together some principles from other ancient Russian martial arts.

At first, “Systema” was only for Russian special forces, but anyone can learn and practice it since the end of the Soviet Union. Including US Secret Service agents!

Officers are ready to face any danger.
The “Systema” is based on a set of techniques such as breathing, relaxation, posture, movements, and the ability to improvise in any situation. By practicing “Systema,” officers also learn to give and receive blows.

This does not mean that they learn to do it for the sake of punching; rest assured! In reality, this martial art’s goal is to handle a crisis without killing and with little movement while remaining calm and perfectly relaxed.

Therefore, it is a good “weapon” against the attacks that may arise, but it is, above all, a good discipline for physical and mental health.

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