5 People Who Spent Thousands Of Dollars On Surgeries To Look Like Dolls

Almost all-girl knows what a Barbie doll is, to show you how popular it is guys actually know about these dolls and why is that, girls and our sisters always carry them about, and they make us watch those annoying barbie cartoons.

Back then, almost all girls owned a barbie doll, and that her boyfriend called Ken.

Well, in this article I’ll be telling you about people who are so addicted to dolls and they ended up spending thousands of dollars looking like one, yes. In this world, we live in we see and hear many crazy things.

1- Nannette Hammond

She is a mother of 5 and hails from the USA; She has spent over well over $500,000 just to look like a Barbie doll. She said she grew up collecting dolls and since then she said she wants to be like a doll.

2- Valeria Lukyanova 

3- Lil Miquela

4- Angelica Kenova

5- Justin Jedlica.

Justin is a man that has done over 280 cosmetic surgeries and spent a huge sum of money on his body, just to look like a plastic Ken doll. He is on a weird quest on trying to be 100% plastic.

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