A white mother forces her children to kneel and pray for black women against Trump

A big controversy over an exciting video of an American woman and her children: Kneel and pray for them … Black women have brought down Trump!

A white American woman asked her children to kneel for the black woman in a video clip that sparked controversy and admired more than 13 million followers on the TikTok app.

Followers of this woman, Justin Champion, who called her “Tennechamps” on “Tik Tok,” were divided between her unorthodox faith supporters and opponents.

The video shows Champion from California, with her four young children, playing outdoors, and commented: “I teach my white children how to behave.”

“Black women are the reason that Donald Trump is no longer our president,” Champion said, as her sons bowed in laughter.

And she continued, “They are walking around the place cheering all the black women,” while her children bend on the playing mat behind her, adding that it took 5 times to get the video out correctly.


But not everyone found that Champion was sincere in her actions, and she received a lot of criticism, which prompted her to remove the video from “Tik Tok.

Despite this, comments continued “Twitter,” and many of the tweeters described the mother as “embarrassing” and the video clip as “uncomfortable.” And they shared the embarrassment on her behalf.

Champion replied that upon reflection, she had to ask herself: “What will black women do?”

She wrote, “I removed it (the video) after hearing some black women and their concerns. Others want me to put it back on again because they loved him. Either way, I’m grateful that they helped get rid of Trump.”

Source: “New York Post”

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