The strangest things found in the belly of snakes

From the old pair of slippers to an XL size electric blanket with all its electrical accessories ..!

… so here are the 10 craziest things ever found in a snake’s belly

An electric blanket swallowed by a snake


Burmese pythons are giant snakes capable of swallowing very large prey, such as an adult antelope or a large crocodile for example. But sometimes their appetites are much bigger than their stomachs. And some of their meals turn out to be indigestible to say the least.

It is the case to say it concerning poor Houdini, a Burmese python of more than 3 meters and a half which weighs, all the same, more than 27 kg. The unfortunate reptile had a bad idea to ingest a prey, say… with extremely tough skin.

Because Houdini ate neither more nor less than a large electric blanket with its electric cord. As well as its power supply.

Fortunately we were able to save the snake

The blanket had literally rolled up over the intestines of the poor snake, who miraculously was still alive. The vet was finally able to save Houdini!

The finally relieved python then promised to look twice before swallowing a furry creature. Lest it be part of the furniture of the house.

Strange thing found in a snake … a human body

Source: bbc

Despite their gigantic size and incredible strength, reticulated pythons rarely attack humans. Being able to reach 9 meters long and weigh more than 140 kg, this reptile prefers indeed, to feed on wild boars or large deer. Much less dangerous and much more filling than human beings.

But where this kind of snakes abound, it happens unfortunately that tragic incidents are reported. And that big reptiles bite … human Big Macs.

A shocking find

In Indonesia, for example, reticulated pythons are very present. Especially near the palm oil plantations which represent their favorite hunting ground.

It is therefore not uncommon to hear in these regions of attacks targeting reckless farmers. Like that poor farmer who was found inside the stomach of one of those crawling monsters.

The poor man, who had been missing for more than 24 hours, was found inside a reticulated python 7 meters long. The giant snake was discovered by the villagers in a ditch. The place where he was quietly digesting his sad meal.

A snake swallows another snake

Source: therichest

When a snake tries to devour another snake, the sight is totally mind-boggling! Judge for yourself with this photo, where you can see a big snake about to end up swallowing a smaller one, which itself is trying to eat it.

But we don’t need to tangle our brushes, because the surreal scene you see in this picture is a very common saurian meal for a snake.

In fact, what you are looking at is a snake making a big lizard its dinner. You can clearly distinguish the saurian by the shape and color of its eyes, which have nothing to do with a snake’s.

The poor iguana was probably passing too close to the big crawling reptile which then threw itself towards him before swallowing him head last, leaving him all the same the opportunity to take a final but very vain revenge with his bite.


Source: livescience

We have seen that snakes can literally have their eyes bigger than their stomachs. And as so often, they pay for it in a very painful way. And that’s what happened to that poor little horned viper. The latter who tried to swallow a prey much tougher than it looked.

The unfortunate reptile had indeed decided to diversify its daily menu. And this, by attacking a large centipede barely smaller than him, only a few centimeters.

The giant worm managed to escape

The horned viper thus measuring 20.3 cm was delighted with its meal of centipedes, whose size reached 15.4 cm. But this difference in size was fatal to the little viper, since the big myriapod literally made its way to freedom through its intestines.

The large armored worm in its shell had survived inside the poisonous snake! Just enough time to shred his internal organs and scaly skin.

And even if this valiant centipede could not resist the overpowering venom of the viper, he nevertheless managed to stick his head out through the wound he had opened with the force of those terrible sharp hooks.

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