After she said she is not with him for money, See pictures which proves her love is Real

In the Ivory Coast, couples who are at the frontline of social networking owing to high discrepancies have earned several concerns and arguments. Eudoxie Yao is an Ivory Coast model, musician, and social networking promoter, renowned for his twists and turns in the media. This exceptional and clever actress has a relationship with Grand P. As their profile travels through social media, their relationship has been admired by many people.

Many people are suspicious regarding their friendship because they claim they don’t want hype, but photographs and videotapes prove the relationship between the two. Some people believe this is because wealth has helped such an arrogant young woman to develop a friendship with Grand P. Some think this is true love. Grand P is the only guy on the Ivory Coast with a lot of money. Money, but people think this lady was trailing him because of his money.

Is it true love or money? In a social networking message, the lady posted a picture on Grand P that says, “Unconditional love, I love you, my love Grand P.

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