The first fornication sin in human history is her story

The ancient books are full of many stories, tales, and legends, but history can be interpreted and understood through them, and thus life can be understood.

The first aspect of Adam’s life remains completely unclear. Perhaps we know that the first murder in humanity’s history was when kabel killed his brother Abel. The story also says that the first fornication sin that man fell into occurred after Adam – peace be upon him.

God blessed Adam and Eve with their son Seth when it was a misfortune that Abel was killed when his brother kabel killed him when each of them offered his sacrifice to God Almighty, and God accepted from Abel, and he did not accept from kabel. Envy rose in Kabel heart, and the hatred killed his brother Abel.

When the parents were unfortunate, and their children endured great grief and patience, God rewarded them for their patience and a very kind, loving, and kind child, and his name was “Seth” so that Adam clung to him and loved him. Love made him quit all his work.

“Seth” was the first prophet after Adam, and he was the grandfather of Idris and the eighth grandfather of Noah … upon all of them. Upon our Prophet prayers and peace, Seth was one of the prophets sanctified by the Sabean sect. Most of them reside in Iraq and Iran now and revere God Adam and Seth (they call him Sheetel) and Idris, Noah, Wissam, the son of Noah, and Yahya (John). They have a holy book that they call “the Great Treasure,” and they are considered among the dhimmis in Islam, by that they were the first to call for monotheism.



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