End of Caillou animation after 22 years of broadcasting

2021 marks the end of the animated television series Caillou, after more than 20 years of broadcasting. This news saddened several fans but delighted many parents, who could not digest the main character’s attitude, 4 years old.


Thus, the latter expressed their immense joy in reaction to the cancellation of the animation for children, which was subject to many controversies throughout its diffusion.

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The year is already off to a bad start for anime fans and enthusiasts. Indeed, PBS announced Tuesday the end of the Canadian children’s series, Caillou, after 22 years of airing.

Having debuted in the late 90s, the famous Caillou children’s series ran for over six years. However, it continued to air on PBS until this month, especially thanks to the new release of 2018. The cartoon focused on the life of Caillou, a four-year-old boy who lived with his mother, his son. Father and sister and often played with invisible friends.

Caillou’s era ends with the chagrin of children.

The original version thus rocked the childhood of many people and continues to appeal to many children. Therefore, to avoid the frustration and disappointment of toddlers, PBS has issued advice on how parents should share this bad news with their children.

Parents around the world celebrate the end of the Caillou series.

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If the announcement of the cancellation of the Caillou series remains bad news for children, it is less so for the majority of parents. Indeed, many have reacted on social networks. And the least that can be said is that they were very enthusiastic.

In fact, the parental hatred for this series comes from the main character Caillou; most consider him a “bald, whiny kid with a snotty face.” Also, according to them, the child shows great rudeness towards his parents and adults. This would push the children who follow the animated television series to do the same.

A controversial animated series

Furthermore, seeing Caillou as a bad example, many viewers made complaints. In short, the series received a lot of criticism during its last years. According to many parents, the stopping of the distribution of Caillou marks the end of twenty years of ordeal.

A new cartoon that will replace Caillou?

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Simultaneously, the end of Caillou opens a new era of creations and innovations, according to the cartoon’s broadcaster, which will be a boon for the children.

“We say goodbye to Caillou, but remember, when we say goodbye to something, it just means we can say hello to something new! PBS wrote on social media.

Entertainment projects insight after Caillou’s end

Besides, this decision falls within the framework of “continuous efforts to update continually (the) offers to meet the needs of today’s children.”

Either way, the Caillou children’s show’s cancellation is well on its way to being this month’s best news for parents. They believe that stopping the broadcast of the program on the airwaves constitutes the end of two decades of “agony.”


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