10 Similarities between Salma El-Shimy and Sama Al-Masry

Many Egyptians raised waves of severe criticism in the street or social networking sites for what was presented by model Salma El-Shimy.
Where she sparked widespread controversy in a pharaonic photography session in the pyramids, during which she witnessed “Al-Shemy.” Was convicted of providing classified content as arousal or seduced.

These criticisms likened the young model to the actress Sama Al-Masry, who is serving a two-year prison sentence for insulting public morals and spreading immorality and immorality, amid expectations that El-Shimy will face the same accusation if she continues to incite. She raises controversy when she is still facing charges of photographing in an antique area without a permit.

10 Similarities between Salma El-Shimy and Sama Al-Masry.


Perhaps the audience is right to relate what Al-Shimy is doing to what Al-Masry preceded and that there are many similarities and convergences between them. Still, we also have many points of difference.

While Sama Al-Masry left her work in tourism, the stock exchange, and public relations and turned to artistic work, artists began sharing their concerts, then filming clips and performing some cinematic roles searching for fame.
The same goal was what Salma Al-Shimy motivated with his bold photoshoot in the pharaonic robe.

Exploiting anything for fame.

After Sama Al-Masry failed to get a real opportunity and achieve success with meaningful artistic roles, she went to complete her career, which she started by sparking controversy in the clip “Ya Ahmed Ya Omar,” to continue to gain more followers on social networking sites, by publishing more daring pictures.

The same is what the model currently does by dealing with the concept of art stars in sharing her news and photos to the public, but with a kind of extortion that provokes the anger of some while it is accepted by many of her followers.

Collision with community values.

Sama Al-Masry realized early on that what made her famous was her dependence on the body’s charms, and she spared no effort in that.
It started by publishing photos and videos to the public from the swimming pool, for example, making it on the list of most searched topics on social media and colliding with society’s values ​​rejecting nudity scenes.

Al-Shimy also admitted that many artistic community stars underwent a photo session in the pyramids’ Pharaonic dress. Still, her appearance met this uproar due to her body, which she was keen to rely on to appear in more exciting filming sessions, the last of which was in the red dress in the village of Tunis in the Fayoum governorate.

Arousing the audience naked.

The strange thing is Sama al-Masry’s admission that something stirs public opinion and published several satirical pictures of what she is doing, which her followers have shared, in addition to her public statement: “Did you not see anything .. yet?” I’ll be Kim Kardashian at home. ”

It was not different from Salma El-Shimy, who said in a live broadcast yesterday: “I did not do any plastic surgery, I was beautiful since my childhood, what I did is only sculpt the central area.”

Illusion Sale.

Focusing on Sama Al-Masry’s career, it is difficult for you to classify her in a certain category, whether she is a singer, actress, broadcaster, or dancer. Given a certain degree of accuracy, you find that she did nothing from her, but she managed to gain fame, and her audience on “Instagram” reached 3 million followers.

The same applies to Salma El-Shimy, who did not present anything to the public. However, she strives to exploit the fame that she achieved in her first appearance to continue to generate controversy with her pictures and her as well. Sayings about receiving many offers and refusing to play seduction roles, and she will participate in the work. Technician Ramadan next.

Trend Exploitation

Before her imprisonment, Sama Al-Masry did not miss any opportunity to rise to the trend or attract the cameras’ attention and lights. Still, she intensified it until she found her on a visit to the Cairo International Book Fair in pajamas.
I found her in a children’s cancer hospital and a supporter of the Egyptian national team or Al-Ahly club, or the request to marry Mohamed Salah and much more.

Perhaps Salma El-Shimy did not have the opportunity to do the same thing in this way and this quantity, but signs of this appeared in the wake of Al-Ahly’s victory in the Egypt Cup and achieving the hat-trick, by sharing her photo in. Ahmar commented that “2020 will end with many sweet needs, and Al-Ahly is pleased with us.”

Mixed family situation

While Sama Al-Masry appeared crying during a TV interview with the media, Raghda Shalhoub, she said that her mother is not satisfied with what she is doing and always advises her to stick to arouse public opinion to the family.

Salma Al-Shimy did not get angry, as Salma said in media statements after the “Saqqara release” incident: “My family, after I finished filming, was happy, and I was surprised when the world turned.”

Marriage and family.

The story of Sama Al-Masry’s marriage, who is 42 years old, was a subject of controversy among many until Sama admitted herself during a television interview that she had married once officially and twice by custom. She did not mind being the second wife, all of which ended, and is currently living before her imprisonment without a man.

But Salma Al-Shimy, 26, says that she has received many offers to marry, including rich people and people in business, but she refuses to do so and is interested in her work and seeks more fame.

Disagreements and conflicts.

Sama Al-Masry never stopped entering into fights, the most famous of which was with Mortada Mansour, the suspended president of the Zamalek club, the journalist Tamer Amin, and the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood during the reign of Mohamed Morsi, which caused her a lot of trouble, while Salma al-Shimy did not enter this stage yet. All That I mentioned in this regard is that she has 3 female colleagues in the same field who are jealous of her, and maybe they are the ones who caused the uproar on “launching the pyramids.”

Expectations of a similar fate

In light of the link between what Al-Shimi does and the remembrance of Sama Al-Masry, some expect that the twenty-year-old girl will end up in the same fate as “imprisoning women” and filing lawsuits against her accusing her of insulting public decency with her looks, especially since the ruling accusing “Salma” of filming in the pyramids area without permission has not It is released yet, so can you believe these expectations?

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